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16 May 2023


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Ladbrokes Australia Launches Owners Incentive Scheme for Tasmania Horse Owners

Ladbrokes Australia introduces the Owners Incentive Scheme, a new initiative that rewards Tasmania horse owners for their horses' maiden grade victories. With over AUS$10 million allocated to the program, this scheme aims to provide financial incentives and recognition to owners who invest in horses and experience the thrill of their first triumph. The launch of the scheme is set for 1 June, potentially paving the way for a national expansion. This initiative showcases Ladbrokes' commitment to supporting grassroots-level racing and encouraging participation in the sport.

Ladbrokes Australia, a renowned brand under Entain in Oceania, has recently unveiled an enticing initiative called the Owners Incentive Scheme. This scheme rewards Tasmania horse owners when their horse wins its first Maiden grade thoroughbred race. The scheme’s launch is scheduled for 1 June, and an impressive amount of over AUS$10 million (equivalent to US$6.7 million) will be allocated to the program, with each owner receiving a reward of AUS$2,000 as part of the incentive.

Dean Shannon, the CEO of Ladbrokes Australia, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, highlighting the joy and satisfaction that comes with horse ownership. Through the Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme, the brand aims to acknowledge and reward owners who invest in horses and experience the exhilaration of their horse’s first triumph. Shannon emphasized that while the top-tier races have seen significant increases in prize money, the cost of racing remains relatively constant regardless of the horse’s speed. Thus, the brand has focused its attention on supporting grassroots-level racing.

The success of this incentive in Tasmania may lead other Australian racing authorities to consider implementing a similar scheme on a national level, potentially covering an extensive range of approximately 5,200 other maiden races. The CEO of Tasracing, Andrew Jenkins, expressed his gratitude towards Ladbrokes, acknowledging their longstanding partnership and continuous efforts to support the thoroughbred industry. Jenkins emphasized the importance of finding ways to assist better and motivate owners, who are vital to the sport. He further noted that the additional prize money offered through the Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme would be warmly welcomed by owners who have the fortune of witnessing their horse triumph in a maiden-grade race. Jenkins believes this initiative could encourage owners to invest in another horse, fostering growth and participation within the industry.

The Ladbrokes Owners Incentive Scheme is a testament to Ladbrokes Australia’s commitment to promoting and supporting horse racing in Tasmania. By providing financial incentives and recognizing the owner’s efforts at the grassroots level, Ladbrokes aims to enhance the overall experience of horse ownership and strengthen the foundations of the sport. With the potential expansion of the scheme on a national scale, the impact of this initiative could reach a broader audience, encouraging more individuals to participate in horse racing and facilitating its long-term sustainability.