Resilient Growth and Strategic Success

18 May 2023


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Resilient Growth and Strategic Success: Aristocrat’s H1 Results and Expansion Plans

Aristocrat's H1 results demonstrate resilience, diversification, and competitiveness in a challenging market. CEO Trevor Croker highlights subsidiary Anaxi's role in achieving success and market entry. With agreements covering 55% of the US igaming market, Aristocrat aims to exceed 70% penetration in North America. Despite the uncertainty, Croker appreciates team efforts and focuses on portfolio performance and strategic opportunities like the proposed NeoGames acquisition. Revenue rose 12.2% to $3.08bn, driven by a strong Americas segment. H1 EBITDA reached $1.03bn, resulting in a pre-tax profit of $852.8m and a post-tax profit of $653m. Aristocrat's strategic investments enable solid revenue growth, with the Aristocrat Gaming Americas business leading the way.

Aristocrat’s H1 results showcase their portfolio’s resilience, competitiveness, and diversification, overcoming challenging market conditions. CEO Trevor Croker highlights the role of subsidiary Anaxi in achieving these results, emphasizing their success in market entry and establishing foundations for growth. With content agreements representing over 55% of the US igaming market, Aristocrat is on track to exceed their target of penetrating 70% of regulated jurisdictions in North America. Despite economic and political uncertainty, Croker acknowledges and appreciates their teams’ efforts. Aristocrat remains focused on portfolio performance and strategic opportunities, including the proposed acquisition of NeoGames for their online RMG strategy.

In the six months ending 31 March, Aristocrat experienced a significant revenue increase of 12.2%, reaching $3.08bn. The Americas segment played a pivotal role, contributing $1.45bn, representing a 26.4% rise from the previous year. While Australia and Pixel United segments saw slight fluctuations, Aristocrat’s overall performance remained strong. H1 earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to $1.03bn, a 5.7% increase. This led to a remarkable pre-tax profit of $852.8m, a 42.6% rise, and a post-tax profit of $653m. Croker attributes these achievements to their strategic investments in growing and diversifying Aristocrat’s revenue base. The company’s ability to deliver solid revenue growth and stable EBITDA highlights its strength, particularly in the Aristocrat Gaming Americas business, offsetting challenging mobile gaming market conditions for Pixel United.